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14-16 September 2018

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Current Games


All Games TBA

Here is our full schedule (times will undoubtedly vary as games overrun):
Scored Game
Un-Scored Game


1900: We get access to Hall
2000: LAN "Start"
2000: Unreal Tournament 2004 (insta-gib deathmatch)
2130: Chivalry
2300: Rocket League


1100: Sol Survivor
1230: Savage XR
1500: Surpreme Commander 2
1700: Beer Pong
1800: Team Fortress 2
2000: Battlefield 2 (you can pick this up at the LAN ;) )
2330: Projector Tournament


1100: Warcraft 3
1300: Flatout 2
1600: CS:GO GO GO
1900: LAN end time

24/7 "Always On" Persistent Server

Other Popular/Past Games/Hall of Fame
Age of Empires 2
Renegade X
Supreme Commander 2
Total War: Warhammer
Goldeneye: Source
Battlefield 2
Star Wars: Battlefront 2
Left 4 Dead 2
Sol Survivor
Flatout 2
Civilisation 5

Current Signups

Ticket Number Player Name Gamer Handle Paid?
1 Tom Kent Gambit PAID
2 Dan Chalaye OgreDan
3 Rob Lawrence Reaver
4 Sam Wharton OshasMoobs
5 Dave Jones Ziphrax PAID
6 Paul Barratt Pixual PAID
7 Thomas Johnson IRdeaded PAID
8 Dave Ging Gingli PAID
9 Simon Osbourne Phish PAID
10 Katy Kent Moosigirl PAID
11 Ellen Stewart Snellens
12 Dave Waters BigMansFist PAID
13 James Ray Fajongler PAID
14 Sarah Neosis PAID


NextLAN: 14-16 September 2018


Anyone 18 or over with a PC/Laptop, all our games are older "classics" that almost any machine still running today can handle with ease.

How Much?
Tickets are £TBA each for the whole event.

How To Buy?
Use the Paypal Buy Now button under the "Buy Ticket" Section.

So is this a competition or what?
LannyLAN is designed for a fun, light hearted atmosphere with events taking place away from the computer as well as on. There is a leaderboard system in place to give the event a friendly competitive edge.

How is it scored?
All the teams are randomised before the start of each event, however individual scores are recorded for each person. Points awarded are generally worked out as 50 minus the number of people who finished above you. As this is a 30 person event, you can see that you still get a lot of points for taking part in an event, even if you come last, and its never too late to progress up the leaderboard! So you're far better taking part in every event, even if you think you're going to suck at it!

What are the prizes?
There may be small prizes for winning events and even "spot" prizes, however these are nothing to write home about, prizes range from bottles of beer to small indie games released on Steam. However, should you finish top of the leaderboard there is a slightly more prestigious prize waiting for you!

Suggested Kit List?
PC tower
PC power cable
Monitor power cable
monitor data cable (VGA/DVI)
4-plug extension lead
Surge protector - optional
Phone charger

sleeping bag
air/camping bed
Snack food


Freemantle Hall
Bexley High Street
Greater London

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About Lanny LAN

The name of Lanny LAN came out in the middle of a drunken freestyle guitar session in the middle of a LAN between friends taking place somewhere in Bristol. These LANs have been going since the end of the 90's, when then school friends would gather in each other's front rooms and try to work out how to link PCs up to play together.

With a bit of luck, some technomancy and sequential IP addresses, a long lasting tradition was born.

Later use of the name "Lanny LAN" was originally a jokey place-holder for the increasingly larger and larger LANs we were holding. The name stuck and eventually our numbers were big enough that it warrented hiring out a hall to house all these people and their rigs.

Fast forward to today and we're still improving our LANs every time, introducting new types of events and competitions and refining our timetables and server hosting abilities to provide the most enjoyable LAN experience possible.

Lanny LAN stays true to it's origins, we try to provide a casual rather than competetive LAN, with plenty of opportunity for more drunken freestyles. Of course, we still have a little leaderboard going on during the LAN for bragging rights :)